Koelfontein has been the proud heritage of seven generations of the Conradie family. Every person who has been fortunate enough to lay down roots on this farm is grateful for the life its soil has bestowed upon them and their families.

This is the legacy of Koelfontein farm, one which continues to sustain the lives of all who toil here in the Ceres valley to ultimately bring its bounty to other families far and wide.

Fresh fruit

The cultivation of fresh fruit on Koelfontein has always been part of this farming operation, even prior to the growth of commercial fruit farming in the region.

The fresh pome fruit (apples and pears) grown on Koelfontein Estate and destined for the export markets...

Dried fruit

Dried fruit production is the other primary activity of the Koelfontein farming operation. In fact, Koelfontein is nationally renowned for its exceptional, high quality dried fruit.

Handri's father, Francois Conradie, was once regarded as the leading...


Koelfontein Estate is widely known for its top quality fresh and dried fruit. Wine grapes are grown on a much smaller scale to other fruit on the farm, but have in recent times also garnered a significant reputation for Koelfontein, which is also one of the few farms in the Ceres district...


The wine cellar, brandy still and water mill are not the only carefully preserved original treasures on Koelfontein.

Another family relic dating back to the 1800s has been given a new lease on life and now affords modern visitors with an idea of what life...